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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is an Affiliate Program?
    It is a great way to earn additional revenue from your website and at the same time offer your customers a great product. By linking your site to, you can offer your customers superior service and quality, while earning a monthly commission.

    My Affiliate Program software will track all orders coming from your site, while we manage all customer service and fulfillment.

  2. Who can join and is there a cost?
    Anyone who has a website is welcome to join the program as long as the website meets the requirements of

    There is NO cost to sign-up and become an Affiliate of

  3. Where do I get artwork and banners to promote
    All promotional material is available through your account, which you can access with your username and password.

  4. Where can I see sale's activity reports?
    The reports are available through your account.

  5. How much commission will I get paid when I make a sale?
    You will receive 5% of the total orders generated through your website.

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