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Specialized Printing

Designs can take on many looks with the use of different colors and finishes. Impress your patients by using products that stand out and represent you and your professionalism.


dynamically enhanced designs

Dramatically Enhanced Designs

Special finishes such as foil stamping or 3-D embossing add dimension and quiet sophistication to a design. Imagine a design that seems to come alive on the page, versus a plain, clip-art style logo.

The quality of American Business Card products is head and shoulders above the rest. It is similar to the difference in a plain white, unfurnished waiting room, and one with colored walls, comfortable seating and pictures hung on the wall. Which one would make you want to come back?

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  • What is Embossing?

    Pressing an image into paper to create a 3D effect that can be seen and felt.

  • What is Metal Foil Stamping?

    Placing a metallic image on the paper to produce a reflective surface.

  • What is a Foil Emboss Combination?

    Foil stamping and embossing an image on paper makes a metallic, 3D effect that is truly amazing.

Enhance Your Image

Our Graphic Designers can create a whole new design for you, or update your current logo. We can also enhance your image by using 3-D embossing and foiling. This is an easy way to give your practice a more professional look.

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