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Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions please contact American Business Card by email or call 1-800-555-2234.

1. Can I change colors, logo placement, or add my own logo to a product?
Yes, we have a Custom Graphics Department that can assist you in any kind of design modification or development. This includes requests such as adding your own artwork, changing the color scheme of a design, or changing the color of text. For more information, call us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us .

2. Should my staff members each have their own business cards?
When the staff is given their own name cards, their pride and loyalty to the practice increases. Likewise, referrals will increase as they proudly give out thier cards to family and friends.

3. Why shop by industry?
American Business Card has researched, created and grouped the most effective designs for your particular industry to make ordering easy. Feel free, however, to browse other industries by using the drop-down menu in the catalog.

4. Can I use the design I choose in a newspaper or Yellow Pages ad?
No, and for good reason. While your patients and potential patients perceive our designs as your practice's logo, correct usage of the designs is essential so that they remain affordable to your practice. American Business Card designs are protected by US and International Copyright Laws. We can, however, create a new logo design just for you. As long as you purchase it, you can use it on any marketing/advertising materials. We can, however, print your logo on any mass mailings we do for you, or any other materials we print, such as posters, stationary, or even recall cards.

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