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Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions please contact American Business Card by email or call 1-800-555-2234.

1. Can I order custom (spot) inks?
Yes, we offer spot inks. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us for more information.

2. Can you modify one of the existing designs to suit my needs?
Yes, American Business Cards will happily modify any existing design, however, please keep in mind there will be an associated cost with modifying an existing logo.

3. How do I get started with a custom design?
Call an American Business Card Representative at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us. You will be extremely happy with the unique image our Graphic Designers will develop for your communications products.

4. Can I change colors, logo placement, or add my own logo to a product?
Yes, we have a Custom Graphics Department that can assist you in any kind of design modification or development. This includes requests such as adding your own artwork, changing the color scheme of a design, or changing the color of text. For more information, call us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us .

5. How do I add a map to the back of my business card?
There is a one-time set-up charge to format your map for printing. From that point forward, it can be printed on the back of your business card, postcard, or any document you wish free of charge. While creating your business card, click on the "Add a Map" option when your are formatting the back of your document. This section contains detailed information on how to submit your map.

6. Can the logo you design be used on my website or on advertisements?
American Business Card would be happy to design a custom logo for you. The custom logo we create for your business can be used on any product that American Business Card manufactures - business cards, postcards, magnets, your website, anything we produce! If you want to use the logo on products from another manufacturer, you can purchase the logo from American Business Card outright. Call us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us for more details.

7. Do you design for other industries?
Yes. American Business Card has designs for other industries and can also create custom designs for your business. Contact us at 1-800-555-2234 or Email Us for more information.

8. Can you create a website to match my business card?
Yes, American Business Card would be happy to assist you in all of your web site needs. Whether you choose one of our existing designs or have us design a custom template for you, we can create a professional, coordinated website with the design and functionality needed to enhance your practice image and increase patients.

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